Where To Find Wood Art

Turning Wood

Carefully chosen wood artwork can help you enhance the overall beauty of your home, especially if it compliments the style of the existing wooden furniture and decor. There is something about wood that creates a special and kind of welcoming and warm atmosphere which is very difficult to achieve with artworks made of other materials. Finding wood art is not difficult considering that woodcarving is one of the oldest forms of art but it is not as easy as it may seem at a first glance, especially if you have something specific on your mind or if you do not want to spend a fortune for a fine wooden sculpture for instance.

Various pieces of wood items some of which are highly decorative can be found in most furniture stores at amazing price. However, they often are not exactly wood art because the inexpensive wooden sculptures, vases, fruit bowls, etc. you can find in furniture stores are not handmade and much less unique. They often are not even made of a single piece of wood, not to mention that they are often mass produced which means that your copycat friend can easily find the exact same piece without a hassle. If you are after real, one of the kind wood artworks, you should stay away from furniture stores.


Like other pieces of art, wood artworks can be found in art galleries although they are not typically held by just about every art gallery like paintings for example. But if you live in a larger city, you should not have any major problems finding a gallery which also offer fine pieces of wood art. However, art galleries are not the best choice if you cannot afford not to watch for the costs because they often work with established artists who do not sell their works cheaply. If you are after a fine piece of wood art at a reasonable price, you will not have an easy job because exceptional artworks are never inexpensive but it is not impossible to find beautiful wooden sculptures, pieces of furniture, vases, wall art, etc. at a great price. It requires a lot of patience and research but it can be done because artists who have not yet established themselves in the world of art usually charge less for their works than nationally or internationally recognized artists. But as already mentioned earlier, works by less known artists are rarely found in art galleries.

Affordable wood artworks are often found where you would expect them the least such as in various gift shops and even on the street but a lot of fine pieces of art can also be found online. Buying an artwork online is a little bit risky because you do not know what you will get until you receive it, however, a lot of artists including the established ones offer their artworks online either directly or via various online art stores and typically enable you to return it in case you do not like it when you see it with your own eyes.