Wood Art With A Practical Value

Wood Art

Just like other types of art, wood art is primarily intended to delight us with its beauty and to compliment the overall style and beauty of our homes. Wood can be used to make a number of different objects such as statues, sculptures, wall art, bowls, vases, plates, etc., as well as objects which can have a practical value at the same time. Keeping fruits in a very expensive wooden fruit bowl probably is not the best idea because an unnoticed rotten apple can cause a serious damage, especially if the bowl is not treated with any finishes. But an artistically designed bed or a chair most certainly is not made to be admired alone.

Wood is one of rare materials which can be used to make artworks that are both decorative and practical at the same time. Exceptional pieces of wood art which are not used for decorative purposes alone, of course, need to be handled with great care and protected from elements that can cause damage to it such as water and wood-eating insects. Unless they are pieces of furniture, wood artworks also are not most suitable for everyday use like the above mentioned fruit bowl because most of the things that are used to support your everyday activities suffer damage sooner or later. Wood artworks are therefore typically used for holding special things such as jewellery or for special occasions only. Their practical value, however, depends greatly from one piece to another as a wooden sculpture for example cannot really be used for other than decorative purposes.

Wood Art

Although the finest pieces of art are usually kept in a safe place and admired for their beauty, there are also a few which can be held safe, enhance the overall beauty of your home and have a practical value at the same time without the risk of exposing them to potential damage. For example, artistically carved bookends can be kept safe from all factors that pose a risk of damage yet do their job perfectly. The same counts for wooden clocks, chess and some other wood artworks. But the best proof of practical value of wood artworks is without a doubt furniture.

As already mentioned earlier, furniture is never intended for decorative purposes alone. After all, what can you do with a chair if you are not allowed to sit on it. And for that reason even the finest pieces of wood furniture are made to give your home a touch of luxury and support your activities and needs. Artistically designed furniture usually requires more care and must be handled more gently than “ordinary“ pieces of furniture but there is no reason to avoid its use out of fear from damage. Scratches, stains and similar accidents which affect the wood’s beauty happen sooner or later if the object is used in everyday life. However, thanks to unique properties of wood, just about all signs of damage can be completely removed by an expert which antique furniture clearly proves. It may show age but it never shows signs of damage despite hundreds or more years of use, of course, after being restored.